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Making Summoners Great

League of Analytix is a site that is dedicated to teaching summoners all around the world on how to improve their game via analytics and statistics. It is proudly built by TytonDon, a player on the NA server, with insights and love from summoners like you.

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Learn League of Legends in a more personal way to get better and rule Elo. Just remember, practice.

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See what is happening in games, both good and bad. You don't know what you don't know.

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Need to know more about your build and how it is changing your play? You have come to the right place.

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A League of Legends community that sports professional teams and that covers the Kansas City area of the United States. If you are in the midwest and want to join a great community, then check them out.

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Wichita Gaming League

Are you in the midwest and want to join some awesome tournaments? Then check out Wichita Gaming League. They got you covered.

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Abandon Gaming

An amateur eSports organization that believes that players of all levels have the right to experience competitive eSports. Abandon Gaming offers teams, coaches, and players the resources to take their passion to the next level.

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